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Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central
'The Daily Show' Just Explained How To Land An Interview With Trump
3 months ago

On Friday, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah totally trolled FOX News for what it sees as a babysitting approach to interviewing Donald Trump. The show tweeted the "Fox News Guide to Nailing a Trump Interview," offering three steps to soft peddle an interview with the President. Each step was accompanied by a series of FOX News clips as examples of how to babysit Trump.

Step 1 — Take A Softer Approach: Your job isn't to hold the president accountable, it's to hold his hand. 

Step 2 — Flattery Will Get You Everywhere: The president knows he's always right, but he needs to know that YOU know that. 

Step 3 — Help Out! Just because you have all the questions doesn't mean he needs to have all the answers. 

They also noted that this technique works very well for FOX News, which has had far more interviews with Trump than any other news outlet. 

Twitter users were quick to offer other ideas for scoring an interview with Trump. 

Mostly, though, there was a lot of vomiting going on.

And a lot of shade being thrown at Piers Morgan.

In case FOX News runs out of marshmallows. 

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