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Trump Tells African Leaders He 'Deeply Respects' Their People—And We're Shaking Our Heads
3 months ago

President Trump certainly wasn't going to the 48th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland this past week looking to make any friends. 

Recently, a report made by the Washington Post about Trump referring to African countries, Haiti, and El Salvador as "sh*thole countries," made the rounds on social media, catching the eyes of some very cross world leaders. 

But the President did what he does best: decry "Fake News!" and hide in the White House. 

However, NBC News reports that Trump sent a letter, dated Thursday, to African region leaders saying he "deeply respects" the people of Africa. 

In the letter, Trump says the United States "profoundly respects" the shared values of the U.S. and African nations, as well as a commitment to "strong and respectful relationships with African states," before adding that he wishes for the U.S. to work together on their "free, fair and reciprocal trade" with African countries and to "safeguard legal immigration."  

People on Twitter weren't buying what Trump was selling, calling the President out for changing his tone once word leaked of what he'd said behind closed doors. 

African leaders are expected to respond to Trump's remarks in Davos over the weekend. 

We'll see how that goes.