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Screenshot Full Frontal with Samantha Bee/YouTube
Samantha Bee Crushes Trump Adviser Stephen Miller With Spot On Savage Description

If you've ever watched Samantha Bee lay it down in late night, then you know she pulls no punches when dishing on D.C. Armed with her signature biting wit and a flair for the sardonic, Bee took no prisoners last night when she set her sights on Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the President for Policy (and sometime coffin salesman) Stephen Miller.

Bell called Miller everything from "the secretary of foreheads," to "enterprising slime mold on the Wonder Bread of democracy," before landing on even more caustic language at the end of her scathing commentary.

Bee hit a note that many on Twitter wholeheartedly agreed with:

For all the creative euphemisms packed into Bee's verbal wallop, apparently there were many, many more she did not use on-air.

Bee shared the omitted lines on Twitter for your viewing pleasure:

But Miller is too rich a topic for Twitter users to resist mining, and mine it they did:

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