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Photo by FOX via Getty Images
Man Compares President Trump To Mr. Burns From 'The Simpsons'—And We Can See It
3 months ago

In a display of arrogance that even out-trumps Trump, the President sent out the most clueless tweet, which pointed out it was a perfect day for all woman to march. Does he know they are marching because they want him out of the White House? Does he understand that the march started with women wearing, "p*ssy hats" in protest of his famous "grab 'em by the p*ssy" remark? 

Anthony Oliveira noticed a similarity to another greedy, selfish man:

Yup. Sounds like "boo" to us, too.

We began to wonder if Trump was deliberately trolling women. Or did he really not get it?

Maybe if he sees the numbers it will sink in?

Of course there were some women marching for Trump! All six of them. 

Unfortunately, Trump wasn't able to witness the massive crowd of six outside Mar-a-Lago. He had to miss the $100,000 a couple party celebrating his first year in office. You know, because the government shut down.

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