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Chuck Schumer Just Compared Donald Trump To Jell-O, And We're Applauding
4 months ago

Clearly frustrated after dealing with a chaotic White House to avoid a government shut down, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) said negotiating with the Trump White House is, "like negotiating with Jello-O."

Schumer went on to tell the press:

I told the president we Democrats were willing to fund the military at the highest levels in history, far above even his budget request.

Schumer also said democrats would put Trump's request for his beloved wall "on the table." Trump agreed to a four- or five-day government stopgap to give congressional leaders time to reach an agreement. 

But out of the blue Trump changed his mind. Schumer said:

Several hours later he called back. He said, ‘So, I hear we have a three-week deal.’ I said, 'No, Mr. President, no one is even talking about a three-week deal.' Then a few hours later they called back again, ‘Well we’re going to need this, this, this in addition.' Things they knew were far, far right and off the table.

That's when talks broke down and Schumer's frustration became apparent:

Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with Jell-O. It’s next to impossible. As soon as you take one step forward, the hard-right forces the president three steps back.

The American people are becoming increasingly frustrated with Trump's unpredictability.

Folks didn't forget that Trump always said the president is to blame if the government shuts down.