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Melania Just Celebrated Her First Year In Office In A Photo Without Donald

Melania shared a photo memorializing her first year as the First Lady of the United States, and it has been quite an eventful, chaotic 12 months. 

She noted that she has had 'many wonderful moments' and met brilliant people from around the world. One of those people must be the young man she is standing next to in this photo- which as we're all well-aware, is not her husband. 

Melania shared this photo, reflecting on being FLOTUS for one year:

People were quick to notice that something was, well, off:

She didn't post a photo of her and her husband, or even mention him at all in the caption. Some are writing it off as her focusing on her individual role, while others are reading into it, noting that she might not be as big a fan of her husband as we once thought.

Then there are others who can't stop laughing at the picture and meme-worthy situation.

The internet was having a field day over the photo :

Does that mean the #FreeMelania movement is still on?

Some people are leaning toward it. However, whether said people are being serious or not is unknown at this point.

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