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Twitter Cleverly Trolls Donald Trump After Government Shutdown—And All We Can Do Is Laugh
3 months ago

For the first time in the history of our Republic, a government under single party control has shut down.

And you may be reminded that a big part of Trump's campaign promises was how well he was going to work with everybody, and how we're going to be winning so much we're going to be tired of winning, "What have you have to lose?" and all that. 

To the astonishment of very few, Trump's one-year anniversary is being celebrated with the resounding failure of the Republican majority and the immediate imperiling of government services to those in extreme need (though Congress still gets paid. Did you know that?). 

The internet showed up to lay the blame, and lay it they did.  

There was another theme that emerged into the public conversation...

And of course, there's the litany of Trumpian self-owns -- you better believe There's A Trump Tweet For That...

And of course, there's that other point that must be made: