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President Trump's 'Fake News Awards' Hit The Internet, And The Internet Hit Right Back

On Wednesday, January 17th, President Trump released the "Fake News Awards," mocking titles given to media outlets who have been critical of his Presidency. While the fact that incoming traffic almost immediately crashed the GOP's servers is pretty funny, there's nothing funny about the President of the United States actively deriding our independent press and sewing the seeds of doubt around provable fact. On top of all that, the internet also felt Trump's awards were a prime example hypocrisy, with Trump himself having made more than 2,000 false statements since taking office (according to the Washington Post).

Snarkmasters everywhere took to Twitter to express their displeasure. It was beautiful.

Where does the real threat lie?

Some stars acted like they were vying for one of the President's awards.

Many Twitter users don't have a very flattering view of the President.

You know things are getting serious when Cthulhu makes and appearance...

Many people thought Fox News was strangely unrepresented on the list.

Twitter summed it up pretty well:

While, on a personal level, Trump's absurd conduct can verge on the hilarious, it's also important to remember he's the President of the United States and this behavior is deeply unsettling.

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