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Eric Trump Claims His Dad Is The 'Least Racist' Person He's Ever Met—Mmmkay.

After President Trump referred to El Salvador, Haiti, and some African nations as "shithole countries," the GOP is trying to rationalize and justify this racism and xenophobia. Now the President's son, Eric, is jumping into the "defending the indefensible" waters. 

This Wednesday on Fox and Friends, he said:

The full interview can be seen here. Duncan make a good point about how if anyone knows, it would be Eric:

Daniel didn't expect anything less:

This person didn't quite understand how racism works:

Pat here had some concerns:

Cynthia felt that Eric got it partially right:

Dennis wondered why Eric's statement would be considered a positive defense:

This person felt pretty much the same:

And this person was all of us, to be honest:

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