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Alan Thornton via Getty Images
Chris Christie Breaks A Bizarre Streak For New Jersey Governors—And It's Hard To Fathom

Chris Christie left office yesterday, and for some, it wasn’t soon enough. The former governor went out with an abysmal approval rating, but on the upside, he walked out with two working legs. Eric Columbus, former Obama administrator, tweeted that Christie did succeed in one area.

Christie is the first governor in decades to leave the office without broken bones.

Christine Todd Whitman broke both bones in her lower right leg while on a ski trip in Switzerland in 1999. In 2004, Jim McGreevey fell in Cape May and broke his leg, and Jim Corzine broke his leg in a car crash in 2007.

The curse skipped Christie — but former Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno broke her wrist and elbow in a bicycle accident in 2014.

And the question immediately on everyone's mind:

Others had nefarious theories as to why this keeps happening:

Dan pointed out that Christie has broken far more than his legs:

But mostly Twitter users were singing the praises of the series of tweets:

With a 13% approval rating, Christie might thank his lucky stars he got out at all.

H/T: Mashable