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Paul Morigi / Getty Images
Fox News Star Tweets That He's Not Fantasizing About Trump's Penis—And Ignites A Frenzy

Brit Hume of Fox News was tweeting about President Trump's height and weight compared to his own, ostensibly in defense of the President. One thing led to another and Hume ended up assuring everyone that he was not, in fact, fantasizing about the President's penis.

So... here we are. Hume is a former anchor for Fox News and a current senior political analyst, and he feels compelled to assure people he isn't thinking about GOP genitalia.

Matt Negrin of the Daily Show responded to Hume's tweet:

Hume deleted his response but there are plenty of screenshots floating around:

Twitter users are uncomfortable and really not okay with this:

Are we being Punked? Where are the hidden cameras? That would make this a bit easier:

Hume quickly became fodder for both serious and sarcastic discussions, because how could you not after that?

No one is sure what happened here. 2018 is getting off to a weird start.

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