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North And South Korea Just Changed The Game With Olympics Announcements

North And South Korea Just Changed The Game With Olympics Announcements
4 months ago

 In a surprising turn of events, North and South Korea will enter a combined women's ice hockey to next months Winter Olympics being held in  Pyeongchang County, South Korea. The two countries will also march under one flag.  This comes after a new round of talks about the Olympics between the the two estranged countries in over two years. 

A joint press released issued Seoul’s Unification Ministry outlined some of the parameters of the agreement stating that North Korea is to send a delegation of over 400. It will 230 cheerleaders, 140 artists and 30 Taekwondo players.  Also, the two sides will share joint training for skiers at the North Korea's Masik Pass resort in addition to a cultural event being held at Mount Kumgang resort.

 Chun Hae-sung, the South Korea's chief negotiator and vice unification minister had this to say about the new relationship:

“Under the circumstances where inter-Korean (relations) are extremely strained, in fact just some 20 days ago we weren’t expecting North Korea would participate in the Olympics. It would have a significant meaning if the South and North show reconciliation and unity, for example through a joint march.”

Chun added that North Korea will also participate in the Paralympics, sending 150 delegates. 

Some folks took the news as an optimistic step forward. 

Many other were feeling more skeptical.

What seemed to be weighing most on everyone's mind  was: When will Donald Trump try to take credit?

A couple of Twitter users actually felt Trump should get the credit, but that got smacked down pretty quick. 

One step at a time folks. One step at a time.