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Douglas Sacha via Getty Images
Trump May Have Actually Said 'S**thouse'—And Twitter Is Wondering If It's Even A Word

It's not always the words chosen that make an impact it's the intention behind the words.

It seems there is some debate about the exact words Donald Trump used when he was insulting millions of people in Haiti, El Salvador and various countries in Africa. It was reported that during a meeting on immigration Trump referred to the above nations as "sh*thole countries". Now it seems that some have come forward saying he actually said, "sh*thouse countries".

Either way the President of the United States isn't winning any favors with the 194 other nations we shared this world with. 

Mostly people are just over it. 

And they are especially tired of politicians using semantics to get around the truth. 

Some folks just wondered if sh*thouse is even a word. 

Apparently it is commonly used in Australia. 


Something we can finally agree on. 

H/T: Mashable