President Trump Loves To Eat Starbursts—But Not All Of Them

President Trump Loves To Eat Starbursts—But Not All Of Them
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5 months ago

When House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had an aide go through a "substantial" amount of Starbursts so that he could gift Trump only the red and pink ones, we doubt he thought it would turn into Twitter's new favorite thing to argue about. Oh, but it did. It so did. After noticing that Trump only are the red and pink fruit chews, McCarthy purchased a large quantity of Starburtsts and then had a staffer pick out only the red and pink ones and place them in a jar. McCarthy then made sure his name was on that jar and gifted it to Trump, who was reportedly grinning ear-to-ear. To many people, this is further proof of the pandering and waste that plague Trump's White House. To others, it's just stupid. 

To Twitter, It's Fodder For Battle. We'll start with the people who think this is ridiculous to be upset about. 

Others think it's Kevin McCarthy brown-nosing at its very worst and are collectively eye-rolling the entire situation.

The snark-meter was clearly set to high.

Some are busy feeling bad for the staffer who had to do it. Single-flavor bags of Starbursts are already a thing. McCarthy could have just purchased a few bags of red and a few bags of pink instead of wasting money, time, and resources having a staffer do unnecessary work. 

What are your thoughts on the situation? Sound off, people!

H/T: The Hill, Twitter