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German Magazine Slams Trump With Its Newest Cover—And He's Not Going To Be Framing It

The German magazine, Der Spiegel, has had no qualms about calling out President Trump on their covers before. The publication, known for their investigative journalism, has continually criticized the American President since he was elected. 

There was this cover the month after Donald Trump was elected:

Der Spiegel

And this one from soon after he was inaugurated:

Der Spiegel

And of course, this gem from over the summer:

Der Spiegel

But it's their latest cover that's causing a stir:

Der Spiegel

Many on Twitter agreed with the cover's sentiment...

But some thought perhaps the magazine should focus on issues closer to home:

How's that whole restoring our reputation abroad thing going?

Gunnar sums it up well:

Keep on doing your thing Der Spiegel

H/T: Der Spiegel, Twitter