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Steve Mnunchin 'Didn't Realize' Forum Trump Is Attending Is For 'Global Elites'

Steve Mnunchin 'Didn't Realize' Forum Trump Is Attending Is For 'Global Elites'
4 months ago

The Trump campaign promised to drain the swamp and then immediately hired the wealthiest cabinet in the history of the American government. 

Steven Mnuchin, the current Treasury secretary, made a fortune foreclosing on people after the 2008 economic collapse, in one instance foreclosing on a 90-year-old woman over a 27-cent shortfall on a mortgage payment. Nevertheless, Trump purports to represent the common* American (you know, so long as they happen to have certain things in common* with him) and so it falls to his lackeys like Mnuchin to shrug at America when he does something so transparently in the interest of the mega-wealthy. 

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is a breeding ground for finance chairs, executives, and generally speaking people that make economic choices that affect the livelihoods of millions. Mnuchin straight up denies any knowledge of the event or its attendees, because straight up denial is all Trump and his friends have to do to soothe their supporters. 

The internet collectively rolled its eyes.

Either clueless or disingenuous, he's still going.