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International Media Had Some Trouble Accurately Translating Trump's 'S**thole' Comment
3 months ago

Sometimes it's a struggle for Americans to understand what Donald Trump is trying to say, so imagine trying to translate his words into another language. This week proved especially challenging when Trump so eloquently referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and some countries in Africa as "shithole countries." The foreign media came up with some interesting translations. 

Mashable used Google Translate and came up with a few suggestions:


Vukojebina: Google translates it to "middle of nowhere," though there is some debate about the actual meaning.


Lan guo: "countries that suck"

South Korea

Go-ji-so-gul: "beggars' haunts"


Benjo no yō ni kitanai kuni: "countries dirty like toilets"

El Salvador

Agujeros de mierda: "f**k holes" 


Drecksloch: "sinkhole" 


Trou a merde: "Hole of shit" 

Twitter weighed in with some translations of their own:

The British didn't seem to have any problems:

However you translate it, it's not a good look for the President.