New Video Game Lets You Dunk On Trump—And People Are Finding It Therapeutic

New Video Game Lets You Dunk On Trump—And People Are Finding It Therapeutic
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7 months ago

Video games have always offered an escape to worlds of fantasy. Have you ever imagined what it's like to be a working-joe toppling the monarchy in the hopes of saving a nation? Then play literally any Super Mario game. Or, the newest stress relieving game to hit the internet: Dunk on Trump

Twitter user Jayson Musson, @therealhennessy, posted that he's developed a game to assist those who may be exhausted with the daily stress that President Trump brings. His solution? 

Dunk a basketball on Trump. Again and again and again. 

Dunk on Trump was designed by Musson, with incredibly catchy music by Megapixel Music. The only controls you need are the spacebar and you can dunk on the President as many times as needed to feel that sweet relief. Musson wrote on the game's website:

This project isn't really a game, I just wanted to offer people the opportunity to slam dunk on Donald J. Trump. I'm not a game dev at all, I hardly know what I'm doing, but much like Donald Trump, I didn't let ignorance or lack of technical competence get in the way of my dreams, which is to let people vicariously dunk on Donald J. Trump. 
Anyway, this is repetitive as s*** with no win condition, but I'm hoping that someone out there will find my endless dunker perversely therapeutic and lose themselves 2 tha dunk, babyyyyyyyyyy. 

In this politically tense climate, people on Twitter were more than receptive of a Trump-dunking game. 

One person even offered suggestions on possible, future character selection. 

Currently the game is free to play on the Dunk on Trump website, but it's also available for download, and you can also toss a few dollars Jayson's way if you felt joyous tranquility for just a few moments.