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Reporters Just Asked Trump If He Is A Racist—His Response Is Very Telling

Reporters Just Asked Trump If He Is A Racist—His Response Is Very Telling
Updated 4 months ago

The Justice Department sued Donald Trump in 1973 over housing discrimination against Black people. Trump lost, which is basically the legal equivalent of acknowledging the presence of racism. It's been something of a theme in his life, but it hasn't been the political liability many people expected it to be. In fact, a bunch of his fans like him because he is racist

How you feel about the President's racism depends on your worldview.

That is clearer now than ever. On Thursday, while discussing Haiti, Central Africa, and El Salvador with a room full of legislators, the President of the United States asked, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” And he wasn't even finished. The President went on: "Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out."

Wow. Spoken like a true statesman.

While Americans talk about the value of immigration, while Democrats and some Republicans shake their heads, and while right-wing pundits trip over themselves trying to spin Trump's comments, the President's blatant racism inspired straight talk from some reporters who will likely never get this close to him again.  

Here is what went down at the annual signing of a proclamation honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

Trump responds with a nonchalant trip out the door. If we could see his face, we might've seen him saying, "Doop a-doop boop doop. Nothing to see here." His fans are going to cheer, his apologists are going to cringe and power through it, and his detractors are going to add it to the list. The machine spins on.

Really, what's left for him to say on the subject?