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Trump's DC Hotel Brags It Has Five Stars, But A Journalist Has The Receipts
3 months ago

 The "Star Diamond" award has been giving to over a dozen of Donald Trump's golf courses, hotels, casinos and private clubs. The award is presented by American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, and supposedly represents  “the most prestigious award of true excellence in hospitality.” 

Turns out the "Star Diamond" is closer to a "gold star" your mommy gives you when you draw her a picture. It's a bit bias when it comes to who wins. 

Journalist, Zach Everson sent out a series of tweets breaking down the connection between American Academy of Hospitality Sciences and Trump. With this information, the Star Diamond feels less like an award and more like a participation trophy. 

An AP article pointed out the close connection between Trump and the "impartial" hospitality organization. 

 An AP review shows that about half the roughly 30 American Academy of Hospitality Sciences trustees listed in the company’s own press materials appear to be Trump friends and business associates.At one point, Trump’s two adult sons; the chief operating officer of the Trump Organization, Matthew Calamari; and Trump’s longtime butler, Anthony Senecal; all served as trustees simultaneously. 

Trump tried to distance himself from American Academy of Hospitality, Joseph Cinque, saying he barely knows him. The separations doesn't to appear to have lasted long. 

People weren't particularly shocked that there was shady business going on.