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Video Of What Happened On 'Fox And Friends' Right Before Trump Tweet Emerges Online

  We seem to have entered a new dimension when it comes to the president, Fox and Friends, and an infinite loop.  

  After President Trump called Haiti, El Salvador and the entire continent of Africa "shit-hole countries" a Fox & Friends host called on Trump to take back his comments. 

And then a not so strange thing happened. Trump did just that.  

  It was just before 6 a.m. when host Brian Kilmeade advised Trump that he needed to clarify his statement right away. 

Poof, a short time later Trump sent out a tweet saying— 


It's well known that Trump spends his mornings watching Fox and Friends, but it's pretty scary knowing an entertainment network has so much influence over the president's actions.

 Twitter wasn't thrilled. 

It was reported by Axios that Trump is starting his work days (when he's not golfing) later so he has more time to tweet and watch TV. 

H/T: The Hill