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Fox News Is Bending Over Backwards To Defend Trump Comments, And We Love It
3 months ago

In case you missed it, news broke on Thursday that The President of the United States, when discussing immigration, couldn't understand why were allowing in so many people from "shithole" countries like El Salvador, Haiti, and some African countries. He also wondered why we couldn't bring in more people from countries like Norway. 

Without skipping a beat, Fox News jumped to the defense of the President.

Some highlights include Jesse Watters saying:

If it’s true, this is how the forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar. This is how Trump relates to people. If you’re at a bar, and you’re from Wisconsin, and you’re thinking, 'They’re bringing in a bunch of Haiti people, or El Salvadorians, or people from Niger.’ This is how some people talk.

Then Tucker Carlson, not willing to be outdone, said on his show:

So, if you say Norway is a better place to live, and Haiti is kind of a hole, well, anyone who’s been to those countries or has lived in them would agree. But we’re jumping up and down, ‘Oh, you can’t say that.’ Why can’t you say that?

Mira had no time for this:

Whereas Frank unleashed his anger:

This person was skeptical that people in Wisconsin really spoke like that:

While this person wondered if there was another Wisconsin:

Josh wasn't sure he knew how to speak this new racist code language:

Jayson wondered if it was some kind of code:

And Paolo had his finger on the pulse:

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