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New Jersey Prisons Ban Book Criticizing The Prison System—And Twitter Isn't Having It
4 months ago

On January 8th, Shaun King reported on The Intercept that the book  The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by civil rights advocate and writer, Michelle Alexander  had been banned in two New Jersey prisons. In the report King writes that the New Jersey ACLU put out a statement saying the ban violated the Constitution and they were prepared to fight for the rights of prisoners currently incarcerated in New Jersey prisons.  

The public outcry was swift. 

The internet and social media can be amazing and in a surprising (and quick) turn of events the ban has been lifted. 

People on Twitter celebrated the victory. 

The ACLU of New Jersey thanked everyone for their support and hard work. 

Now people are asking the ACLU to turn their attention to a similar problem in New York. 

Michelle Alexander had this to say about the ban and many others throughout the country.