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Trump Eliminates Protections For Salvadorian Immigrants—And Twitter Is Furious

After a pair of devastating earthquakes struck El Salvadore in 2001, a program called TPS was set up which allowed over 200,000 El Salvadorian immigrants to take refuge in the United States. The average TPS recipients have lived in the U.S. for over 15 years and have fully integrated into American culture - opening businesses, paying taxes, and raising families here. However, TPS was not set up to feature an official path to citizenship, so many have remained in the U.S. this entire time as legal immigrants. 

On January 8th, 2018, President Trump decided their time was up.

Many of these immigrants have lived in America for over 15 years - they are real people whose lives are being destroyed.

These 200,000 people will have a year to leave the country many have come to know as home.

"On the other hand, who cares?" -This Guy.

Several members of Congress have already spoken out against the President's decision.

On Twitter, people are sharing their personal experiences with TPS in an effort to save it.

Only time will tell whether President Trump's decision stands, though the famously stubborn President is unlikely to reverse his decision simply because his opposition cry "foul." In the meantime, many El Salvadorians are making plans to return to a country very different from the one they're used to:

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