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U.S Army
U.S. Army Likes Tweet Mocking Trump's 'Stable Genius' Claims—And The Shade Is Real

If you value your peace of mind, chances are you don't follow Donald Trump's Twitter feed. Instead, like many people, you may wait to hear news about what he wrote this time. After media-wide coverage of the release of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff's inside look at the debacle that is Trump and his administration, the President hopped on Twitter and thumbed yet another newsworthy Tweet in which he called himself a "stable genius."

Mindy Kaling compared Trump to the queen of overconfidence, Kelly Kapoor from The Office:

And things just got better from there:

People weren't sure if the "like" was intentional:

And it really upset some people:

But others were just proud:

The one who started it all, however, seemed to say it best:

H/T: Indy100