Trump Adviser's Interview Cut Short By Jake Tapper After He Gets Too Riled Up

Trump Adviser's Interview Cut Short By Jake Tapper After He Gets Too Riled Up
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Updated 6 months ago

They say when you find yourself in a pool of quicksand the best thing to do is stop moving and stay calm. The more you thrash about, the quicker you will sink. Someone should tell this to Donald Trump and his administration. 

On Sunday, White House adviser Stephen Miller appeared on CNN's State of the Union with Jack Tapper to do damage control following the release of Michael Wolff's damming book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House and a series of embarrassing tweets from Trump.

It didn't take long for the discussion between Miller and Tapper to veer off course. It was clear from the start that Miller had one agenda: try and make Trump look like a "political genius." It didn't work and Tapper soon grew weary of Miller's attempts to sidetrack the conversation with regurgitated talking points while avoiding questions.

Instead of discussing the presidency and the state of the White House, Miller seemed singularly focused on insulting the very network he was appearing on. 

After hearing enough word salad, Tapper cut in:

I think I've wasted enough of my viewers' time. Thank you, Stephen.

That wasn't enough to shut Miller up. He continued to talk even after Tapper had looked away to address the camera. Eventually Miller's mic was cut. 

You can watch the CNN clip below:

The strain of the White House circus is reaching the breaking point and people are sick of it. 

After the interview Miller reportedly refused to leave the station. Security escorted him out of the studio.

One Twitter user thought they found the footage of Miller being escorted out:

Seth Abramson implored CNN to stop inviting Miller on the network:

This saga has more drama than a telenovela.

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