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Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic
Michael Moore Promises To Frack Outside Trump's Mar-A-Lago Resort—And We're Applauding

In case you missed it, last week President Trump moved to open up basically all U.S. coastal waters to oil drilling. And Michael Moore, that liberal flamethrower who has wormed his way into so many hearts, had something to say about it.

This Saturday Moore took to Twitter and responded to the news:


One person suggested how it could annoy Trump even more:

Another person was quite excited about this plan:

While this person hoped that it might be televised:

Misti wondered if he needed any help with fundraising for this project:

Though another wondered if they could get a return on their investment:

But Christina doubted the President would even get it:

And this person expressed real concern for the environment:

But Betty was willing to get to work:

Keep on throwing those flames, Michael Moore!


H/T: Twitter