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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Knows Who Is Actually 'Mentally Unstable'—And We Give Up

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Knows Who Is Actually 'Mentally Unstable'—And We Give Up
By Tom.
5 months ago

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a difficult job, no doubt. She has to spin gold from nonsense 24/7 and, that is not easy. But there are just some ideas you can't sell, no matter how diligently you try. 

Recently Sanders guested on "Fox & Friends"  to discuss the claims that President Trump is "mentally unfit" to serve in office. 

The past week has proven to be rather trying for anybody involved in this administration. A bombshell tell-all book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", by journalist Michael Wolf was released and it documents the President's less than "stabile" first year in office. And then a group of Senate democrats called upon a Yale University psychiatry professor to dissect Trump's mental ability. 

It is difficult to give blind faith to a leader who plays nuclear chicken with an unhinged dictator. 

Sarah had a lot to say regarding her thoughts on the people are really the unstable ones. She told Fox :

"It’s absolutely outrageous to make these types of accusations, and it’s simply untrue, and it’s sad that people are going and making these desperate attempts to attack the president. What I think is really mentally unstable is people that don’t see the positive impact that this president is having on the country."

Sanders went on to laud the President's accomplishments saying : 

"The economy is booming, we’re crushing ISIS, day after day things are getting better for Americans all over this country. And I think it’s really sad that these people don’t see that, and that they’re not celebrating and trying to join in the president’s efforts to turn our country around."

Well that is one angle. 

Sounds like the classic... 'it's not me it's you" speech. Twitter began reporting before she finished her last breath. 

I know you are but what am I isn't going to work this time Sarah. 

It's been confirmed that President Trump will participate in "the customary presidential physical" at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this coming week and the results will be released to the public. 

Let's cross our fingers.