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John Hodgman Notices Unsettling Trend About New York Times—And We're Concerned

In this age of conflicting reporting and "fake news," media outlets must be careful and precise. Verifiable acts and numbers are vital to following the truth. So it's a bit disconcerting when a media titan such as the New York Times shares information that seems... questionable.

We rely on the press to give us the straight story, without unnecessary editorializing, and certainly without sugarcoating. We expect the Times to tell the hard truth so we can make our own evaluations and draw our own conclusions. If the economy isn't growing as steadily as it should be, the media must report that fact instead of spinning an "upside." Yet it seems that spin is an unfortunate trend with the Times reporting.  

Social media had a few thoughts:

Let's hope the Times takes the hint and reports the news as is.

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