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Trump's Scary Press Conference Is The Internet's Newest Meme—And We're Spooked

On Thursday, the White House press briefing took an unusually bizarre turn when Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders played a pre-recorded statement by President Donald Trump. What makes the scenario even more absurd is Trump was reportedly close by in another room. While Trump bragged about his new tax plan on video, journalists were left wondering why he wouldn't come to the podium and speak to them directly, as presidents do.

It didn't take long for people to jump all over TV Trump. Some compared him to a comic book villain:

People wanted to know why he was reluctant to face the press:

On Instagram, writer Pete Souza remembered back to the way it was before Trump moved into the White House. 

Back in the day: in-person appearance in the press briefing room.

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Once people stopped scratching their heads, the memes started flooding the internet:

We can only guess what Trump's next surprise will be.

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