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The White House Is Suddenly Concerned About 'Facts'—But Jake Tapper Has The Receipts
4 months ago

For anyone who is living under a rock, a forthcoming new book called Fire and Fury by journalist Michael Wolff dropped an excerpt in New York Magazine on Wednesday. The journalist was given unprecedented access to the Trump White House, and the book details a woefully unqualified President and a staff who all know it. The White House was in damage control all of Thursday, prompting White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to suddenly express concern over the issue of 'facts.' Well, CNN's Jake Tapper was having none of it.

Norma Jeane here expressed her gratitude in the best way possible, a well chosen gif:

While Isa-Lee pointed out a certain 'Trumpian' hypocrisy:

Scott was glad that Tapper was taking the gloves off:

And Kristina pointed out the slippery slope that we are on:

But mostly, people leveled their own criticism at the administration:

Actually, according to the Washington Post, as of November 14th, President Trump had lied publicly a staggering 1,628 times.

But of course, this administration is very concerned with truth-telling.


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