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Drew Angerer/Getty Images
The Trumps Share Odd Photo To Wish Happy New Year's, And People Had Opinions
4 months ago

The Donald Trump posted a New Years greeting on Instagram with a photo of him and his wife Melania dancing. Nothing strange about that, except they aren't dancing on New Years Eve. The photo attached to the greeting was taken at his inauguration.

One twitter user speculated that maybe it was because in all the photos from Trump mega-extravaganza New Years Eve party at his  Mar-a-Lago hotel, the couple looks positively miserable.  

One would think with a $750 ticket price at least the Trumps would be happy with all the cash they were raking in, but such was not the case. 

Of course no has forgotten this day. 

This person saw the genuine affection between these two lovebirds. 

Unlike those other two who could barely stand each other. 

Many were happy they weren't at the party. 

This twitter user summed it up nicely. 

H/T: Twitter