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President Trump Wears His Watch Strangely—And People Have Questions

President Trump Wears His Watch Strangely—And People Have Questions
5 months ago

The steely-eyed folks over at Wonkette just noticed something really weird. 

We all know Trump loves to golf - spending a full quarter of his presidency so far at a golf course. We also know that Trump is vain, because, well...

But for some reason that none of us can figure out, Trump insists on wearing a specific watch while golfing that results in borderline mutilation, and doesn't seem to be aware of what's going on with his body. It is super gross. Behold.

Seriously, what do you make of that? Is losing circulation in your hand some kind of magic golf strategy? The fine journalists at Wonkette did some digging and found tons of Google image archives putting this insanely small watch on Trump's famously small wrist since at least 2002. He doesn't seem to want to wear any other watch while golfing.  

Is this Trump trying to make some kind of point about how big his wrist is in comparison to this maybe women's wristwatch? Is it a 'does not fit, must acquit' situation? This is a guy that is supposed to run our country, and is he some kinda masochist? What the heck is going on here? There was only one credible explanation amongst all the speculation (which we'll get to).

Alright, we buy that. But speculation abounds nonetheless.

These are the things we get to speculate because the guy in the White House right now is exactly that weird. 

H/T: Wonkette