President Trump Just Sent Out An Approval Poll—And It Has A Few Issues

President Trump Just Sent Out An Approval Poll—And It Has A Few Issues
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6 months ago

President Trump has, from day one, maintained a historically low approval rating. 

It's another one of those easily established facts, like how big the inauguration crowd was. While there was indeed the one example of the Rassmussen poll, typically expected to favor conservatives, that gave Trump a meaty 46% (near Obama's 49% at the same moment in his presidency), the average rating hovers around 39%. Five Thirty Eight has a pretty informative graph on the subject, comparing his ratings to his predecessors. Trump toddles on below them all. 

But Trump doesn't do things the way his predecessors do things, so when Trump releases an approval poll to gauge people's reactions, he isn't asking all of America. He's asking a very specific group of people to achieve a very specific result. Here's the first of four questions on the poll, see if you notice anything.

"Other" can be taken a lot of ways, but it is not generally the way someone says, "No". Perhaps we should contrast this with the following question, which you'll note has a minor difference.

Trump apparently can't even conceive of a world in which people would associate the word 'poor' with him or his brand. The poll goes on to ask its clear-headed respondents if the "fake news" will report honestly on Trump's approval ratings, which is what any tenth grader might be able to identify as a 'loaded question'. And, if you make it all the way through the journey, you're rewarded with a page asking you to donate to Donald Trump.  

Time was, we'd send a piece of paper to our crush scribbled with the words, "Do you like me? Circle one - Yes, No, Maybe". Now the President of the United States does the same, but without the no. And the internet collectively rolled its eyes.

You gotta believe in yourself, I spose. Though other people should have the option not to.