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CNN Solves Mystery Of White Truck Blocking Trump's Golf Game—It Wasn't What They Thought
4 months ago

President Donald Trump likes to golf. This is not news. What might be news is how those in power try to cover up this fact. Over the weekend, CNN broke a story detailing a white truck apparently trying to block cameras from filming our Commander-in-Chief golfing for the 86th time this year. 

Trump went golfing at his West Palm Beach golf course over the holidays. As a cameraman set up across the street in public parking to film, an unmarked white moving truck began blocking the view by driving forwards and backwards. While CNN may not have known the source of the white truck at the time, they attempted to discover the parties responsible.

Thursday, CNN anchor Brianna Keilar reported,  “We’ve done some digging," and gave some answers as to who wished for Trump's reputation to be upheld. 

Later on, they followed up with this discovery by visiting the sheriff's office and finding a similar truck parked in their lot. A spokesperson for the sheriff's office told the news network that the camera blocking truck “was not authorized."

Trump's holiday excursion at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida is his 86th day at one of his properties, according to NBC News. It also marks his 112th day at a Trump-owned property since taking office at the start of the year. 

For being so critical of President Obama's time on the golf course, Trump is on track to spend nearly triple the entire time Obama did on the golf course in his first year alone. This comes after tweeting that he’d be back to work the day after Christmas, “in order to Make America Great Again.” Let's hope he's at least under par. 

H/T: Deadline, CNN