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Russian Dossier Wasn't The Reason The FBI Started The Trump Russia Investigation After All

Russian Dossier Wasn't The Reason The FBI Started The Trump Russia Investigation After All
5 months ago

The FBI's investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election has loomed over Donald Trump's presidency since the moment he took office. Up until this point, many believed the investigation was initially triggered by an infamous dossier compiled by a former British spy named Christopher Steele. However, a recent article in the New York Times revealed that the FBI was alerted to the possibility of wrong-doing by a close ally who was approached in a bar by George Papadopoulos.

Apparently Papadopoulos was drinking at a London bar when he shared a key piece of information with an Australian diplomat.

When it turned out Papadopoulos was right, the Australian diplomats reported what he said to the U.S. government.

Did Papadopoulos know he was sharing damning information with such a high-level political operative?

Either way, it seems Papadopoulos's role in the Trump campaign has been more significant than Trump would have us believe.

Looking back, it's hard to see how Papadopoulos became involved with the campaign at all!

Even Steve Bannon is now distancing himself from the former aide...

Some Twitter users were less than convinced by the New York Times' story.

But, if it's true, it really is one heck of a story.

Hidden within the article, however, was a tiny snippet which may be more significant than the beginnings of the investigation:

It might have been nice to know about this possible conspiracy BEFORE the election.

Everyone has their take on the most important details from the article.

The White House has declined to comment.

What else don't we know?