Damning Graph Of How Much Time Presidents Took Vacation In Their First Year Emerges Online

Damning Graph Of How Much Time Presidents Took Vacation In Their First Year Emerges Online
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Updated 6 months ago

While he was on the campaign trail, Donald Donald Trump never held back from criticizing his predecessor, Barack Obama, for taking vacations during his time in office. Trump regularly laid into the former President for the time he spent golfing or traveling out of town with his family. Once he took office, however, Trump must have realized the job is pretty stressful.

To put things in perspective, The Daily Edge tweeted out this chart:

According to their data, Trump has spent more time on vacation than any President in recent memory. In fact, Trump has more than quadrupled Obama's time away from the White House.

Twitter users were not surprised:

The Trump administration claims much of the time the President spends away from the White House (often at Trump-owned properties like Mar-a-Lago or his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey) are working vacations, where the President handles his duties while on the go. Considering the constant demands of the job, this is likely.

But Trump has taken more vacation than any recent President after criticizing vacations more than any recent candidate:

Even working from his offices in Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster, Trump is surely less productive than he is in Washington.

Every time Trump visits one of his own properties, American taxpayers are essentially putting money into the President's pockets. Many predictions forecast that Trump's personal costs are on pace to outspend every other President, but what's most concerning to many is that Trump is using the power of his office to increase his personal wealth.

Americans were once so wary of that scenario that Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm before taking office. 

Some Twitter users also noticed a pattern in vacation time when comparing Republicans and Democrats:

At 111 days of vacation, Trump has spent nearly a third of his time in office away from Washington.

Meanwhile Trump's approval ratings are historically low for a President in his first year of office. They bottomed out around 38% in August and are currently seeing a small bump to the mid-40s following the passage of the GOP's tax reform bill.

You'd think he'd be more eager to impress voters. Oh well...