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Ann Coulter Loses It When Mary And Joseph Are Compared To Refugees, And Andy Richter Made It Worse
4 months ago

On Christmas Day, a Twitter account with the handle @UndocuMedia tweeted the following:

Unfortunately, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter picked up on the tweet. Continuing in the tradition of conservatives who complain about liberals being oversensitive while themselves being oversensitive, Coulter responded:

This, in turn, prompted a reply from comedian and actor, Andy Richter:

People had some feelings about this one. Some thought Richter was being too generous:

This person made quite a good point:

Some noticed a parallel with how Coulter often covers other topics:

This woman offered a word of caution:

While some people used the opportunity for a biblical history lesson:

And this person gave us all a good reminder:

H/T: Twitter