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Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
Political Cartoonists Admit Their Favorite Parts Of Donald Trump They Love To Draw

Donald Trump has been drawn time and time again over the past several months. Not as portraits, but as caricatures in countless political cartoons. Given his pursed pout, signature blonde toupee, and Cheeto-colored tan, President Trump serves as great inspiration.

He basically draws himself, doesn't he?

One feature that can be glanced over but is crucial in drawing him is his oversized, signature red necktie. It also happens to be a favorite for political cartoonists to play around with.

Now it stands out a lot more in cartoons:

Cartoonists aren't the only ones who have noticed his fave fashion accessory:

There is a Twitter account dedicated to Trump and his long, overdrawn ties:

You gotta admit, these photos are hilarious:

At this point, there are quite a few different things Trump could be compensating for. And now that we've seen this, we'll never be able to notice anything else, which might serve as a nice distraction during his speeches.

H/T: Newsweek