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House Intel Chairman Working On Report Alleging 'Corruption' At FBI During Russia Probe

On Sunday The Hill reported that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has been talking to fellow Republicans about writing a report that details "corruption" at the FBI. This is the latest defense against special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, a defense that has largely comprised trying to discredit Mueller and others conducting the investigation.

Nunes is also famous for going to the White House to report on intelligence that Trump officials got caught up in surveillance of foreign officials. It turned out that his source for this intelligence was, in fact, the White House. Nunes then held a press conference in which he implied that Trump's 'wiretap' lie was true, which in turn led to Nunes needing to recuse himself from the Russia investigation — and an ongoing corruption probe into Nunes himself.

People were quick to respond to this latest news. Some took notice of the hypocrisy:

While others have high hopes that Californians will vote Nunes out:

Many had harsh words for the chairman:

And one person was tuned in to the language of the time:

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