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Man Shares Absurd Price Tag Of President Trump's Golf Trips—And We're Fuming

Man Shares Absurd Price Tag Of President Trump's Golf Trips—And We're Fuming
Updated 5 months ago

President Trump has spent more days golfing, or on his golf properties, than any other modern President. According to CNN, Trump has spent triple the amount of time that President Obama spent on the golf course in his entire eight-year presidency in just one year. One galling point, of course, is that taxpayer dollars fund these trips. On Friday, the former digital communications director for Hillary Clinton, Kaivan Shroff, posted some statistics that have our blood boiling.

Spoiler: it's a lot of money.

His Twitter followers quickly jumped all over it:

One person pointed out an additional insult of Trump's golf expenditures:

While a good portion of the cost is due to security measures and personnel, some of it goes to the venue. So when the President spends most of these outings at his own properties, those taxpayer dollars go to his business.

Another person thought of a good slogan for Democrats in 2020:

Even Marolan, who acknowledged the demands of the job, felt President Trump was going overboard:

Mostly, people vented their anger:

Though some questioned Shroff's sourcing:

He seems to have pulled the data from Trump Golf Count, where the numbers are speculative. Still, while costs can only be estimated, we do know Trump has spent more time on vacation than his predecessors. Hypocrisy has never stopped Trump before. Why should it now?

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