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Democrat Tweets Serious Warning To President Trump About Twitter—We Hope He Doesn't Listen

President Trump has been saber rattling about about Andrew McCabe quite a bit lately. McCabe is the deputy director of the FBI and held that position under James Comey, so he may be a key witness in Robert Mueller's investigation of the President for obstruction of justice. At the heart of Trump's grousing is the fact that McCabe has donated money to Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton.

One of President Trump's Saturday tweet-storm rants about McCabe said:

On Sunday, Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA), tweeted in response:

Twitter users were all over it. One person suggested a new venue for the Trump brand:

While this person offered some good insights into the President's psychology:

Others had visions of Mueller dancing in their heads:

And this person made a really good point:

Oh, wait. That's Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump's White House Press Secretary, tweeting about Hillary Clinton just five days before the election! Too bad her boss isn't listening to her advice.

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