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Trump Adviser Tries To Slam CNN's Jake Tapper, But Jake Had The Receipts

While most of us are eating, laughing, drinking and singing during this holiday season, President Donald Trump, his supporters, and CNN anchor Jake Tapper are in the throes of their latest battle royale.


The President took a swipe at CNN yesterday by retweeting an image of him in his car with, a bloodied CNN logo on the bottom of his shoe and the caption"WINNING,"  smeared across it.

This was his way of letting everyone know he has claimed victory over CNN.

State of the Union anchor and frequent Trump target, Jake Tapper, was the first to call out the president on what some saw as an ill-timed tweet. Trump adviser Jason Osborne soon jumped to the president's defense, but Tapper was ready... with facts.


Mr. Osborne seems to neglect the 'fact' that his boss threw the first punch. (Or perhaps he believes his boss merely reacted in an 'alternative' fashion.)

This was definitely a round for Jake. And the audience was all about it!


Of course Mr. Osborne couldn't let it go, replying to Jake with:

Which Jake simply came back with:

And "SCENE!"


Simple, to the point and even festive.


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