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Tweet From Donald Trump About How Obama Spent Christmas Comes Back To Bite Him
5 months ago

Donald Trump spent the majority of Obama's presidency taking potshots at the sitting President for everything, including — no, especially — the little things. For example, Trump launched his political career with the thoroughly debunked and dog-whistle-racist campaign to disprove Obama's American citizenship.

Trump had a lot of time to fill with critique, so there was also stuff like this:

Is that a dig at Obama's citizenship, as if Trump perhaps forgot Hawaii is a state? There's also a tissue-thin attack on Obama's family values, though if he'd stayed in D.C., those agents would still have had to work. And he wraps up in typical Trump fashion, with one word and an exclamation point. A lot has happened since then, but the phrase, "There's a Trump Tweet for that," exists for a reason. 

Now, with the holidays upon us, the Family von Trump appears to be... leaving the White House?

The White House hasn't yet given official notice, but the city of Palm Beach has put out the alert for a reason. The Trumps are headed back to Florida for Christmas, taking with them Secret Service agents at the cost of time with their families — just like Trump blasted Obama for in 2013.

Back in August, after just eight months in office, Trump had already established a pattern of vacation time that far exceeded the amount Obama had taken. And as if that wasn't enough, he was about to embark on a 17-day vacation.

At the time, people were quick to point out the vast disparity between Trump's vacation time and that of his predecessor:

Now that it's Christmas, Trump is pulling agents away from their families to vacation with his own — agents who, again, would be working either way. 

Let's check that math real quick, courtesy of

Not that any of this matters to Trump, who isn't known for his self evaluation.