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Ann Coulter Gives Blunt Assessment Of How Trump Won Presidency—And We Actually Agree 😳

Not many people have the same viewpoints as controversial, conservative political figure Ann Coulter. In fact, during the heat of our current chaotic political climate, those who disagree with her probably outweigh those who share her opinions. Well, that is until earlier this week. That's when Coulter wrote an op-ed for Breitbart regarding immigration reform and said something about President Trump that people of all political parties actually agree with.

Originally a strong supporter of Trump, Coulter's enthusiasm waned when he started backing away from the immigration reform he once promised. Since then, she has criticized Trump's failure to follow through with new immigration policies, including the infamous wall between the U.S. and Mexico. 

Coulter wasn't the only one who voted for Trump because of his stand on immigration. 

“Didn’t everyone else just watch a reality TV star win the presidency by running on immigration?” she said. For once, many people were on the same page as Coulter.

She went on to discuss how some Republicans are pushing the GOP tax bill and ignoring immigration policies:

People were shocked to agree with her on something regarding President Trump: 

Others found it shocking Coulter is just now realizing this:

No word if what she wrote about immigration made an impression on those Republicans in office to whom she directed the piece. But hey, she sure got our attention.

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