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Fox News Guest Suggests That The FBI Was Plotting To Kill President Trump On Live TV
4 months ago

In the age of "fake news" and Russian propaganda, journalistic integrity has taken some pretty heavy blows, many coming from the direction of the Fox News channel. The network, which has a been accused of everything from irresponsible reporting to outright lying, has developed a bit of reputation for outlandish opinions and a loose adherence to the truth. It seems one guest, however, may have gone too far.

On Tuesday's Outnumbered, radio host and Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson said something outrageous, even by Fox standards.

Co-host Harris Faulkner's face pretty much said it all. 

After Jackson suggested that there may have been a plot within the FBI to assassinate Donald Trump, Faulkner tried to help him reframe his assertion as a ridiculous hypothetical, but Jackson doubled down.

An unconfirmed source claimed the issue with Jackson had been addressed within the network.

Though many were unconvinced of how seriously Fox would address Jackson's claim.

But the more likely scenario...