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Ivanka Trump Just Tried To Sneakily Visit A School—It Didn't Go So Well
4 months ago

On Monday, December 18th, first daughter and Presidential advisor Ivanka Trump made a surprise visit to Norwalk Early College Academy to discuss the importance of career education. The program at Norwalk High allows students to graduate with both a college diploma and an associates degree in software engineering. When some parents caught wind of the first daughter's visit, however, they were less than pleased.

Parents who don't support President Trumps agenda, behavior, or nepotism pulled their children out of school rather than have them meet Ivanka. 

The upcoming visit, where Ivanka was joined by IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, was reportedly kept secret due to security concerns. Parents like Karey Fitzgerald understand this, but also wish the school had given them more advance notice:

This should have been brought to our attention, although I do understand security reasons. I think we should have had the choice to send our child to school or keep them home.

While at the school, Trump spoke about the importance of career education:

To see the passion and enthusiasm for bringing real life skills into a classroom environment but then coupling it with real life experience through internship creates this really beautiful virtuous angle.

Many conservatives and liberals disagree on whether or not the parents of Norwalk High's children should have been informed of the upcoming visit. One thing's for certain, however: the trip didn't turn out to be the controversy-free PR opportunity Ivanka planned on.