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Trump Uses Deadly Train Derailment To Address Infrastructure—Then Remembers To Offer Condolences
5 months ago

On Monday, December 18th, more than 100 were injured and 3 died in a train derailment in Dupont, Washington. The Amtrak train, traveling on a new service route between Seattle and Portland, tumbled off of an overpass into a highway during rush-hour. All things considered, it's a miracle the death count was so low, though any deaths at all are a reason for solemnity. Someone must have forgotten to tell the President this, however. On the day of the tragedy, Trump tweeted about the derailment without mentioning the injured or deceased. He instead used the disaster to make a point about his upcoming infrastructure bill:

It seems President Trump either realized his mistake or was told about it by one of his staff. About 10 minutes later, he sent out a much more appropriate tweet:

There's something unsettling about a politician using the deaths of innocents for shameless political gain.

Trump's point wasn't even particularly relevant, considering the train was on a brand new route.

One Twitter user did make a compelling argument for why Trump's tweets wasn't as unseemly as it appeared:

One difference in the two issues, however, is that people are always willing to talk about infrastructure changes, while politicians are very rarely willing to consider gun control.

It doesn't seem like Trump's first thoughts were with the Americans at the center of the story. 

Meanwhile, Twitter users won't let Trump forget about the GOP tax bill which undercuts his point by adding over a trillion dollars to the deficit. Republicans plan to pass the bill this week despite two thirds of Americans saying it favors the wealthy, and 55% saying they oppose it. 

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