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Reporter Reveals That Omarosa Didn't Choose To Resign From The Trump White House

Reporter Reveals That Omarosa Didn't Choose To Resign From The Trump White House
Updated 5 months ago

Omarosa and The Donald have been super BFFs since she appeared on The Apprentice in 2004. She was pretty decidedly the unofficial villain that season, having no problem lying, blindsiding people, cheating, or playing dirty to get her way. She became famous for being someone the whole country couldn't stand, but swore it was just editing. She was on the show again in 2008 where she was "edited" in the same way with the same result — the whole nation loved to collectively hate her guts. Except Donald; in 2010 he gave her a dating show and in 2013 he brought her back for yet another season of The Apprentice.

The general public kind of feels like this about Omarosa:

Most people knew her only as a reality TV star — she not only did The Apprentice three times and had her own dating show, she was also on Girls Behaving Badly, Fear Factor and The Surreal Life. So a lot of eyebrows shot up when she snagged a position in the White House. She did, however, have a background in political work. She worked for Al Gore in the '90s, and according to Omarosa, her official title was either "Special Assistant of Logistics" or "Deputy Associate Director of Presidential Personnel." 

A fact check by an anonymous staffer showed Omarosa's real title was "Scheduling Correspondent."

Not surprisingly, that wasn't the only incident of Omarosa being sketchy. 

Let's take a brief-and-in-no-way-comprehensive journey through Omarosa Incidents: 

  • She refers to herself as a "Trumplican" saying she changed political parties just to follow Trump.
  • She gave an interview where she said people would have to bow down to Trump once he was President.  She also said him becoming President was revenge against everyone who ever doubted him, disagreed with him, or challenged him.
  • She started referring to herself as "The Honorable Omarosa Manigault." No, she's not a judge currently sitting on the bench at a trial or anything like that. She just decided she wanted the title. 
  • She tried to take her wedding party to do a photo shoot at the White House without getting clearance or approval first. She just kind of showed up with a boatload of people all in their wedding attire.
  • So. Much. White. House. Drama.

All that plus she got into a fight with La Toya Jackson? But her drama really kicked into high gear recently with her sudden departure from the White House, which Omarosa painted as a resignation. But CNN political analyst and White House Correspondent April Ryan dropped a knowledge bomb for the world. 

Turns out Omarosa did not go quietly into that good night. Check this out:

According to sources, Gen. Kelly notified Omarosa and her assistant that they were no longer needed. Omarosa became upset — cursing, being vulgar, and demanding to see Trump. Gen. Kelly told her Trump already knew and approved of her firing. He also reminded her that seeing the President wasn't like going to the principal's office, and she couldn't just go whenever she wanted to. 

That explanation clearly wasn't good enough, because Omarosa then did this:

Her last day was initially supposed to be January 20, but after that stunt nobody knows if she'll be allowed to complete her final few weeks.

Twitter didn't seem terribly surprised:

Let's get this GIF parade started, shall we? 

People are taking the time to thank Ryan for breaking the news:

Overall, the public doesn't seem overly broken up about Trump firing Omarosa. Again. At this point she must be used to it, right?

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