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Awkward Footage Of Roy Moore Trying To Ride A Horse To Go Vote For Himself Emerges Online
5 months ago

After instances of homophobia, racism and allegations of inappropriate relationships with teenage girls, Judge Roy Moore's final publicity stunt might not be remembered as the most embarrassing moment of his campaign, but it might be the funniest. 

Before riding off to go vote for himself Tuesday morning, Moore greeted the press atop a rather skittish and poorly handled horse. Far from his self-proclaimed "Cowboy Roy" image, Moore looked closer to a greenhorn on his first saddle. 

After Moore was done talking to the press, he attempted to ride off gracefully.

He failed:

Twitter came out in full force to roast Moore worse than the voters of Alabama did:

The GIFs were on point...

Twitter's very own horse whisperers knew what was up...

They even offered some helpful riding tips...

In the end one user managed to capture the true spirit of Moore and his campaign. 

H/T - Twitter